You are imprisoned yourself in words

You are imprisoned yourself in words

Once upon a time there are one fox.

As all time since foxes are exist.

It was running with looking around.

But not look for an enter or exit.

Weather no good or bat

It has just a breakfast.

It was caught and swallowed

a mouthful field mouse.

And not because foraging rats…

It was running with looking around.

Which is mean I am happy.

Suddenly it was stop with attention

with a position his ears of prick up and sniffing.

Among the noise of frogs

It was hearing barking of dogs.

Which is mean I am in a danger.

And with knowing what kind of danger

while it doesn’t ask what is a danger.

He shops a little while like making have a decision.

Then it began fearlessly running up and down

There is no question that what is the fate?

With no thing what is the fate. with no anger.

For run away from the danger

looking at for an enter or exit.

Danger is a danger.

It has to run away from it instinctively.

Not only for yourself.

Run away until your home.

Find your love and cubs.

Show them your dilated eyes,

show them the danger which is raising your hair.

With no word, with no sentences.

Only show yourself, what you suffering.

They can’t think abstract

Because human said

“animals haven’t got abstract thought.”

When human gives them a name abstract thought does exist

and they are be abstract when they turn at words.

Dilated eyes aren’t a word.

They don’t symbolise anything

because life has no abstract thing if it hasn’t got by human.

Thought is symbolised human mind.

Abstract world belongs to human being.

Because; People say so.

Unlike exactly what we expected

Then the fox shits a drop behind it.

And several distance away

Again, and again different direction.

Run away opposite direction of its home

with stopped for urinate Several times.

But fox

How to know what is the family

what is the love what is the responsibly?

it is an animal.



If it does not able to think why we call them “cunning fox”

is danger abstract or not.

Why the eye of fox dilates in feeling a danger?

It knows what will happen and what have to do.

It must run, but in a plan for itself and others

I think they’re thought, and mankind can’t imagine what they think.

A word will come out of an abstract land

this word has a meaning that there are of another creature whom able to think

Here is the fox begins to thought

People will think they can’t think and

This will never come to anyone’s work.

the word will not be accepted.

Who will say that word

It’s called a fuckin ‘schizophrenic.


If an animal able think of a little bit

less thinking means more thinking.


Nobody to think more than human mind

so, thought is thought. Indivisible…

If worse is present, it may be better.

It must be perfect and only belong to human.

because; People say so….


After then

A man divides the hunting party.

“Stop stop! fox thinking. “

“Really I saw its broaden eyes”

Its sympathetic system was getting ready for running.

It knows what is the danger.


And hunters said that

“but it cannot ask what is the danger. “

No words no thinking.


Then the man remembers the fox’s poop and urine.

Which is said that “hey dogs I am here. follow the marking direction.

Man pulls aside himself and gives way.

With thoughts without words.

Which is meaning I am happy


The man thinks that

Fox don’t know thinking as we do.

But it knows How to thinking dogs.

Words and sentences are agreement of meaning of things…

They are not thought they are tool…and language is a tool box.

human is a biopsychosocial living being.

It has three legs like a trivet

there are not individual thoughts.

there is human thought

there is thought of human.

otherwise there are a dizziness which is called schizophrenia.

if someone thinks. they are thought as could as human thought.


But think about a fox who is a patriot or a believer…

that means “it is suffering schizophrenia”

The thought is unique to the species that is not personal.

it belongs not to one person but to humanity.

How we cannot understand fox while it makes a sacrifice for others

because of we have better one.

We never left a mark intentionally while run away

Silly fox as silly as dogs…


Dogs don’t know numbers

Don’t know how to calculate them

And they have not any idea about time dwellings

No meanings of second or minute

May be day, maybe season

But they are known and calculate correctly.

when fox passed there

How far away is it.

Only they need correct direction.

And fox know all this

Fast as could as no to arrest,

as slow as that for dogs not to lose his track.

It knows dogs how to calculate

with no numbers with no abstract words.

It sends chemical messages to dogs

Take and collect my messages

To calculate just correctly as I wont


One hunter began thought

How can I calculate whether Will the fox be captured or will not?

How to calculate it.

He considers only one thing.

When he calculates the position, he cannot calculate the speed.

When he calculates the speeds, he cannot calculate the position.

If he solves this problem, he will calculate everything.

But mad man knows that

Will spoil all accounts

Which is share to every creature by God

one by one but not equally.


We do not think in other assets because they do not match the definition.

Is the thought the only one unique to our sublime species?

Or is it different to species to species

Think about the deaf and dumb. does not they think.

While spoken language substitute sign language


is there any chemical language in this world?

Or many others associated with another sensation.

there are too many things which is not known by us.

and Our language has no meaning and words for them.

Like formerly as we don’t know anything about electricity.

how the fox will never be aware of the electrical activity in his head

while it standing in front of us as a wisdom of God.

Fox can escape wherever he wants

but how can you escape and where…

words are very effective.

a single word triggers all your chemistry.

they are not just alphabet or noise.

the letter enters home, the postman stays out.


Are there many other languages associated with another sensation?

Have different grammar because of different logics.

is there any language which has different concepts which we can’t know?

fox cannot understand from patriotism.

Are there any things be existing that we cannot able to understand?

I think so

There may be concepts which are beyond of abstract that we will never understand.

They have not a concrete or abstract meaning but third one

From the point of that we know

to the point of which as far as us

as never be able to the knowing it.


Maybe there are endless things.

there are they are. as they are…

we don’t know what they are…

and maybe they are not known about what we are…

But there are one which know everything…

There are God who is known without thinking. No need aim… and no need tool…


He is out of the existent or the nothing

The existence and the nothingness are belong to him and from by him.

He shared one by one different kind thoughts ability to different living things.

with different way, at different level, for different needs and different…

as a say in my poem;

(….Tell me my friend that;


If the existent doesn’t exist as it was existing.

What would be the thought of the existent for what about the existent or existing….)


The though is a collective thing…

which is tool for understanding the realty.

and reality is only his wisdom.


(…It’s the wisdom of him how and what can you think and understand

It’s the wisdom of him how and what can’t you think and understand….)


Fox can escape wherever he wants

but how can you escape and where…

You are imprisoned inside your cortex.

With a free will in your hand, in the name of the day of judgment.


Nowadays there are a human

Which are feeling themselves responsible understanding every thing

Instead of understanding themselves.

Which is mean I am unhappy


Dr. Özgür EKER 20.11.2018