Productivity and human factor


Productivity and human factor


I did not do my homework, I was the student who opens the palm to the teacher’s stick in the back school desk.

Doing homework is counterfeit. Teacher confessed that he could not teach in the class; student confessed  that he could not learn in the class

Do your homework, get higher grades and everyone likes you!  Nice and insidious deal.

But real life is not so. If you do your homework, your past degree would not be good and nobody likes you

For the real life the definition of homework changes and the sense of responsibility that makes and defines the homework.

Is the playing like that! It is the essence of learning; one learns the nature of thing while pla ying.

It teaches you to fight tooth and nail, to be offended, to make peace, to show tolerance to weak person, the pleasure that is not a succes unless is not taken all together, to be thrown out of the play if you are not honest…and teaches you how to use your intelligence abiding by the rule.

The game is right and the child who does not plays the game takes 100 grade; but it becomes a faceless, sneaky, liar. He can not get a blink of portion from humanity.

He can not define homework with his conscience, he does not see the necessity for definition of it because he does not develop the sense of responsibility.






The game is learning to play, the game is learning to learn the nature of the human being playing.

It teachs you to fuss with your teeth and fuss, make peace, tolls, let alone show that all the pleasures that are not taken together will not be successful … if you are not honest,

How to use the intelligence according to the rule …………….

The game is right and the child who does not play gets 100, but becomes blunt and sneaky a liar. He can not take it a part from humanity.

The products are standart, do not to be change. The pproduction workbrench system consists of circuits that provide electronic feedback that simulates the car’s system if we disregard quality control and computer.

Today, everyone has a computer that can give a confirmation signal when the program is installed at home. If we assemble machines like carpet looms in each house, each worker can produce at least 2 pieces every day. There are 3000 employees in the factory,therefore  6000 pieces can be produced.

They who are homeworkers not player, glory by saying that they produce hundreds of parts.

cunningly, they have started as a low level, and increase the graph everyyear linearly. Increasing of production!

Of cource the details of doing homework; Instead of creating them as players, they need imitations, layouts … The teacher is angry to tell the reverse. Do not even to be noticed what you think.

Factory means production, That means working production lines. So, that is the way…

Do your homework, hoodwink and  everyone like you.

As a player, I was immediately aware that something was wrong cause by vertigo without visiting the production line at the first day, but I could not fully imagine it.

the workbenchs are erected in ergonomic angle. when they installed the production line. So far, it’s logical and  all of them are set to circulate together with the chain system.

Because the workbenches are too big for the job, the worker is closer then 1 mt to bench, worker’s peripheral visual  area is covers. As a result, standing workers get dizzy becouse of different signals that comes from ear and eye. And because the too long production line and incidence of vertigo  in community, at least one soldier fall down everyday. there are other disadvantages of the design of the production line Although the benches are transparent or grilled that may be usefull for some reasons.

That is a pruduction line. There have to be movement around it.

The system is efficient to carry the three dimentional parts  and the equipment that is difficult to transport.


Moving workbench will distort the depth perception working with two dimentional parts. Because the position of the worker’s hand at the begining will be different position at the end of the movement.  In order to follow the movement of the machine and keep the ergonomic position by stabilizing his own body, the worker works with his whole body and makes extreme effort. Muscle joint pain occurs. And the diagnoses are so ….

If you are 75 kilograms weight and want to rise match garbage 1 mt above without moving your arm, you will loose additional 1 joulle energy becouse of your weight.

The product parts moves linearly in the horizontal plane. In order to prevent vertigo  that he keep his inner ear that means his body far from working parts and worbench that cauces to cover his peripheral visual  area. And he comes back to same position again.  So, he changes the center of gravity, he will expend extra energy during moving. There is no difference from climbing stairs. Immediately after, Worker’s body temperature will rise, start to sweating even ambient temperature is normal, electrolytic loss (Na) will increase irritability, if he has epilepsy then he feel confusion and  lethargy, blood pressure drop, if the worker is anemic or pregment then she faint.

In this case productin line must stop when the material come to front of the worker, after the process worker can let to go  the material to circulation system.


How do we do it. This is not my proffesion, the engineers determine how to design the production line, my task is to get to know people. I can tell the reaction of human to the mechanics. Fistly, will the machine be compatable with human? Then  will it be                beneficial….

Loss of balance means low efford, tiredness, the feeling of fear that the cause is not known, anxiety. it means irritability, deterioration of the working peace . it means loss of attention, accident that caused by adrenaline and excessive reflex.

The ventilation of outlets and the production line were assembled as separate homework at different times, is compatible neither the geometry nor worker  effort. The production line is located higher than the sitting worker, faster than the running worker. I saw bronchititte patients , and I saw patient because of dehydration during  the summer. Either hot or cold air struck the worker. During the break time, you can understand who’s working where. Some of them run the toilet to wet their head, and the others run to sunbathe.

So,  This is production line, eagerly finished performance homework, where do we put it at home? The logic is to squeze the machinary locations by thinking that much is for here. The lines are in front of the exit door. Line and material hangers of line …


First they made their homework, they blow up their balloon careers with the methane from homework, and now they roll on top of it.


I am a from Deliorman, neiter I do fool myself, nor anyone else. How much you work, you ll gain the amount for your work! ( in turkish: how much meatball, that much bread)

Do you know where this statement comes from?


There were competitions like in village of Kırkpınar ( greasy wrestling competitions) in the past. meatballs on breads are suuplied by wrestling master. If you come with a quarter of bread, you will get a quarter of bread per meatball, and half a loaf of bread, you will get a half of bread per meatball from barbecue.


The offer is from us, the demand is from you. What you offer, you get  that much services.


If you ask human resources department to follow logistic services  rather than your expert staff  and engineers,  the quality of the job related service  can not be understand. Therefore, human resource staff thinks what does it matter and they use other relations instead of loyalty.


They abandon the doctor to ignorant courage of human resources although doctor is responsible to employer and has the duty of protecting the employer’s rights against his OSGB (Common Health Security Unit)  with tri party agreement. They cheat both the doctor and the employer

I do not understand the financial or marketing difficulties of the factory and administrative problems.

However, if the subject is based on human, I am sure there are similarities on other professions involved with cause and effect.

Even tough the main trouble is mensioned above, let us give some example to define real mission of conscience.

In the first semester we were able to keep our hazard class low. So, we become safe against to all hazard by charming. there is no heavy material to fall down. There is no need  for steel-nosed shoes defined the Ministry of Labor’s guidelines. Well done pappy, come on, get me another one. Because everyone has low income, and everyone’s shoes are not suitable for standing work for long time, and in fact, most of them use their child’s shoeses , they are all full of fungal diseases on their feet, slits and calluses are bleeding. Workers tell that they did not encounter that much in the army.


The worker is suffering because he has a low income, and the employer pays the cost of this as a decreasing in production. a constantly bleeding wound …. and human resources, like a human sprinter, finds the new one to replace with the old….the declining in productivity of the existing worker …

The diarrhea cases is out of control. I can not know if the source is water or refectory. They were not controled till I come to factory. The homeworker staff have contructed with human source deportment that doctor will be responsible for healt problems and he established a polyclinic.

When player has autority then inconsistent questions will come over. But the diarrhea cases is settled. bacterial by hemodialysis clinic. I’ve even been 2 times. There is no other way to cure it.

We cannot recomment that to seperate fever, diarrhea cases and flu and prevent to diffuse. Our report graph goes downward. Some other person responsible for Production efficiency graph.






If we say world is flat like plate, we may be prosecuted by court like Galileo. There is a correlation with Calorie that is for production capacity and Proteins, fruids  for handskill.

many woman have anemia even iron deficiency treathment, have aphthase, have tongue like a map. They bargained on what they eat in their home, but that is not enough.

Healty people works faster and waits for the slower one. So, what production line is for?

Because of doing same movement all the time , they have  twitch and pain on fingers, too much ganglion on their wrist, …

The most important thing is psychosomatic disorders. In addition to the physiological balances, their mental healt is also deteriorated in the working environment. Homeworkers are separated from players. Player must continue to work even he has fever, eyebrow split. Pretented homeworker comes and jump infimary bad like a goalkeeper. Explain him politely he is fine  if you can. When you have a look documents, homeworker is graduated from university, player graduated from primeschool.

Sense of responsibility develops in the game.

Just like all profession, the girl who finish medical faculty as a premier, came to village for temporary duty and she took the first patient to city while cracking sunflower seeds by ambulans unnecessarily. There is no other ambulans in village. The road round trip is 4 hours. Real patient may die if he come.



The person who educated with homeworks does what you said. He does anything when you do not say. He is appreciated by doing homework, but he does not know himself to be appreciated by his pesonelity.

The player is able to appreciated by being himself as a result of scolding, falling down, standing up,  living his life. He defines his homework with his indivitual personality and his conscience.

We are examining with instruments that are brought from our home in 50 million euro establishment. Managers pout when plastic parts of the instruments  need to be replaced. If the question is not belongs to they, there is no problem and question.


It is enough to recieve health records to human resources even if they are not legal. In fact, they do not understand the documents,  they just remove the rotten apples and refresh for new time period. Just take him out Whoever has too many reports. But dont ask a question  what i need to do to improve the system. According to the homework the stuation, could be a answer, is already found. That is the measure. No need to investigate more option.

Homeworks is ok. But there was a problem and you noticed that the few people solve the problem by fleeing work hours. The fleeing people has been extracted, and what about the problem now. How do we know if the efficiency of the  workers who faced with the problem is more than the efficiency without reporting people around them?

The patient at the doctor’s office is like a canary used as a gas detector on mines in the past. The canary becomes ill when something wrong.  So, Canary is supposed like the owl gives bad news. The dye factory managers who disregarding the danger instead of faceing with the problem, tell to doctor that he does understand nothing about dye factory even the doctor warns them about the problem. The subject is not what doctor understand about dye factory. It is writen in doctors’s book that if you see this, you have trouble. Problem determination and solution is engineering matter. If we turn back to our factory, It is writen that Vertigo is welted on production line and  explaned logically with human physiopathology. It describes how the production line should fit ergonomically to human. It does not describe what machine is and how machine works. It  describes what human is and how human works. And tells;” If he can not manage the human, he can not manage machine,  because it will get stuck in the human factor.”

If management is only ordering people then we are already able to achieve robots that executed the comments.

Human is a biopsychosocial complex person and unfortunately we do not have tecnology satisfies function and labor capacity with replaced with him.

Machine works better when it is maintained periodically, and breaks when a piece enter into gearwheels. Similarly, Human works stronger when physiological needs are insured,   works carrefully, resolutely efficiently  when psychological needs are insured, works faithful when social need insured.

Human respects for benefit, fair or affection. We can not know the real reason, but we know that no respect means no affection. When worker’s personal rights are not respected, he will not be faithfull and efficient.

The people who does homework graduated university and knows advanced mathematics, accountment. All school questions were left in the past. If you start to ask ” when one worker does a job in 4 days …”, The result wont match with calculation. Because the nature of  worker is changing as time goes by. The same body but different soul and different work results .


When choosing workers, those who do not have moral values ​​will see the physical health of workers. Because individual values ​​such as loyalty responsibility and conscience is not a matter in environment where everybody will decay. Actually they do not have the values! what can be the benefit of something that does not exist in them but exists in the other.

Nevertheless, they make a variety of tests when choosing workers, and based on their own homework, they ask for to follow computer algorithms. Homework must be fancy and must be swollen with baloon career. But that is not thinking algoritm. Human does not just think with the chordex. you can not create artificial intelligence without pleasure and without sorrow. You will always have the most advanced computer and program in your hand. So far, this is the way we know,  and humanity will go that way until invent the new one. That is clear. You can not choose human with machine selecting algorithm. Human is a biopsychosocial creature. Simply, you can choose them while they live in working place where they can live.

Get and compare your risk reports that related to the same OSGB (Common Health Security Unit ). They are all same risk reports.Like homework, they take a photo, copy and paste, write the same sentences ( there is one positive and one negative ) near the picture.

List the general risks of the industry in general terms rather than listing your factory risks and reduce your own risk. if something happens you can say that you warned and be pedantic.


People tend to always believe what inspires their anxiety.


The human resources hand over the handbook to the staff security officer. Sequrity officer feels secure while handbook is under the pillow. If something happens, it will be immediatly writen and and his copy will be torn.


Inspector said so. Will the wisdom listen to inspector?  Will there be no accident? Will the judge listen to you as the inspector has listened to you in some way?


They forget that the workplace inspection and proposal handbook is a official record. It is a sedative drug to keep handbook with themselves. The doctor can not reach the book somehow. They make doctor sing leaves of handbook seperately and feel to do their homework with a legally invalid document and put themselves and doctor to sleep.


Anyway, if doctor write a sentence to handbook that cannot be understand, they fear and feel anxiety  and the charm of handbook ruin.


The employer pays for workers and OSGB (Common Health Security Unit ). While the graphs of productivity crawl on ground which based on feigned homeworks,  the physician, who is the safeguard of labor health, which is the greatest factor in production, suffers from various relations of the human resources manager, bargaining about the professional principles betrayed directly employer even not writen on contruct with OSGB. And the interesting part is that employer does not care about the subject.


What a harm is done.


I think, the answer of the question which can be ask by ignorant mind person “Why infirmary is required, What the doctor is for ?” is that ordinary any person  may be better idea to worked for human resorces department.


Invest 50 million euros. Establish a production line with administrative staff who do homework. If manufacturing units which do not require very sophisticated technology are established in workers home with well-trained staff and sufficient material, worker can produce more than who can produce in factory production line. This is the result of homework administrative staff.  Ask homework to workers rather than administrative staff.


Health Services are governed by the regulations and complex legislation issued by law of many ministries, primarily the Ministry of Health, and there is a hierarchy of legislation based on the basic Health Law.The enforcement of sanctions in accordance with the legislation of a ministry does not remove the enforcement and enforcement powers of other laws and regulations (including the criminal law).

Our laws and regulations about medicine do not change. the professional authority of the physician has a separate science under the name of deontology as outlined in the regulation by law, except for the responsibilities, professional ethics rules and moral values legislation.


In terms of professional practice and responsibilities, the physician depends on the Ministry of Health prior to the Ministry of Labor for the Constitution and Basic Health Law.


The working standards must conform to the needs of the profession, to the mind, to the science and to the conscience rather then  the legislation.


According to our legislation, “Patients; has the right to be looked after by a physician who freely makes clinical and ethical decisions, without any external influence ”


– “The physician and the dentist act in accordance with the conscience and professional scale without any influence or influence when performing his art and his profession.” PROVISIONS ARE AVAILABLE.



All these rights of the physician are actually the rights of the patient.

“Sovereignty is Unregistered Unconditionally belongs to the Nation”  is not an regulation related only to Representation and Elections.


It declares that the laws made  by the selected people in the name of the nation based on  Unregistered Unconditional sovereignty.


Besides, the judge already uses the phrase “FOR TURKISH NATIONALITY”.


The fact that factories have private ownership and even foreign capital establishment, does not give the right and freedom to arrange it against to laws and regulations.


Work is part of life. Although it is a workplace, it is the living space of the workers.Workers have not only labor rights but also personality rights.

These rights are a complex texture with their beliefs and moral values, citizenship, personality, nature, human mind and soul, and of course, common cultures.  These can not be touched, can not be negotiated, can not be violated ….


Otherwise, their personalities will not be accepted and their entity will not be accepted. Their sovereignty is not accepted.


Whether the individual is aware of it or not, the common intelligence should be aware of it, should react, should implement laws and regulations.This is what the national sovereignty means. Within the borders of the country, it is the justice has been promised to be valid.






If T.B.M.M. rules are not complied, nobody respects to voter, member of parliament, national volition, native land, nation and God who expects us to be Muslim and being human.


It should not be forgotten that employers are a part of the Nation and lead, and for this reason they represent the common brand in the markets where their products around the World. Trademark is writen on one side, “Made in Turkey” is writen in other side of the acceptable product that is distributed to world reputation market.


The most important factor that determines the value of a product is what efficiency is produced.


And of course, the quality of a product is defined by the quality of labor, too.


Fully performed worker health will determine the quality of labor as a Biopsychosocial.


Not only the workers working in the factory but the health of all the workers will determine the quality and market share of all of your products.


“Madein Turkey” is writen on one side of the metallion.


How much you work, you ll gain the amount for your work…


Dr.Özgür Eker 22.09.2017



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